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Our Promise

"It is not enough to hold certificate in your hands. Only practice and total immersion leads to a transformation into a teacher. Once our students know that their very presence can change lives, they are ready to teach. We reach this goal by working with our students for a long period of time to help them create their own daily practice until their exuberance begins to spill over and turns into teachings that bring joy and transformation to other people’s lives." - Nikolai Manek, Founder

About Our School

We are one of the largest, most diverse yoga schools in the world with more than 4000 current students in the USA and other nations. Our mission is to create an ongoing curriculum for experienced yogis and new adepts alike that is affordable and up to date. We follow Patanjali’s teachings, as well as believe that yoga is for everyBody, no matter the origin, skin color, creed, occupation, sexual orientation, or financial abilities. Yoga is a matter of the heart and not privilege. If you have a daily sadhana, be humble to accept that yoga is a journey of lifelong teaching and noble enough to share what you have learned, you have what it takes to become a teacher. Yoga is a path of meditation.

Education Services

We provide a vast body of written information as well as video libraries available to our students. As a Yogamu student, you have global and anytime access to our library.