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Nikolai is a very thorough instructor. I feel enlightened and that I will truly be of benefit to my clients after this class. The support staff was great! I had an issue with my sign up and they responded quickly.

Erica H. Thomas

If you are looking for a company that goes above and beyond, and has trainings from foundational to career specific, this is the program for you. From corporate to educational settings, geriatric to sports, this program provides the essentials to prepare you for a home practice or a career helping others. Rigorous yet flexible, it’s doeable for first timers or experienced practitioners and is the most comprehensive program I have seen. The staff is lovely and always ready to help.

Reece Kelly

With a heart full of gratitude, thank you for this life changing course. every day I feel more grounded in my practice. Whether you are interested in teaching or just want to learn more about meditation, this class is one wisdom bomb after another

Kerri Edeler

Everything is tip top..
Love it

Vanessa Franco

Nikolai delivers like no other I have ever come across. It's so easy to learn from a teacher so generous with his teachings and love. The course is very in depth, not study wise, but experience wise! The journey I have been experiencing since starting this course two months ago is beyond words. I needed and wanted a consistent routine of meditation techniques that resonates with me and I indeed aligned myself with what is best for me. I am happy, I am peace, I am aware, I am free and I am ever so grateful for everything I am learning here with Nikolai and all the amazing divine beings on this course. It is also very interactive and we get to meet people who are on the same and/similar paths, which to me has been a bonus. I love it here. It feels like home within.

Yashna Crawford

Very informative, have learned so much . Highly recommend this program

Kelley Nickerson

I am learning a lot from this class and solidifying my prior knowledge. It has helped me develop a personal meditation practice that allows for a deeper connection to the material.

Stephanie Crawford

Yogamu has been a blessing in my life. I have considered becoming a yoga teacher for most of my life, and Yogamu is making that possible. With the online self-paced courses, I can fit it into my schedule. The ready access to support and Nikolai makes this even more special -- I feel connected to him, his instructors and the larger community.

Yogamu is truly inspired and heaven sent. I have only gratitude and love for this work, Nikolai and Yogamu.

Christina Sutter

I was so blown away by the teachings and our community at Yogamu in the 100 hr that I enrolled in the 200 hr meditation course. Do this for yourself even if you aren't ready to teach. The shift in your energy will be worth it.

Nehruba Reddins

I am so grateful to have found this program! It couldn't have come into my life at a better time. It has gone above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined or hoped for. I enjoy the self-paced curriculum as it allows you to go in depth at your own speed. You can really take time on certain modules and explore what they mean to you and how they pertain to your life/ our lives. The online community is welcoming and full of kindness as well as useful information. I absolutely love our daily class and meditations and feel it has encouraged me to bring improvements into my life as well as those around me. Each day I feel more prepared than the last and ready to face what comes my way with peace, kindness, and ease.

Trish Root

I've studied for years, but nothing has made meditation and yoga as accessible as Yogamu. I feel I have grown so much in the last few months of studying than in my entire 10 years of practice.

Holly Ellis

I initially signed up for Yogamu 300 hr teacher training last October from an ad on FaceBook. It was affordable and I was looking for something to do during Covid sheltering in place. My expectations
were not too high. Wow! was I surprised. I have studied yoga and different styles of meditation for the past 20 years muddling my way through my mental and emotional trauma. This meditation class presents a solid foundation that draws from ancient text and modern techniques, beautifully blending eastern and western philosophies. For anyone looking for a personal practice and beyond; to teaching, this class will give you a road map to...freedom!

Tamlyn Faris

I've completed CMT 100 and am currently working through the CMT 200 course. I'm thrilled with the format, teachers, and customer service. I was worried about taking a meditation course online, but Nikolai is engaging, thorough and supportive. The material has added to my professional work but it's improved my personal life as well. I feel more grounded and capable than I have in a long time. One of my favorite overall lessons has been that I am enough, in and of myself, I am enough. I have what I need within me.

Amanda S

I am only 48% through the course and WOW. Having already taken a live course online, I wasn't sure if this would be redundant or not, but I'm really glad I enrolled. I learned new content and the outline is concise and comprehensible. I took my time and followed each video, allowing space in between to digest, think through and "sleep on it." My awareness, energy and emotions have improved drastically and I'm only halfway through. This is a LIFESTYLE. I'm more patient with my kids, less reactive and more calm, centered and mindful. I appreciate you Nikolai. Thank you for your sharing your light.

Samantha Nichole

Our Promise

"It is not enough to hold certificate in your hands. Only practice and total immersion leads to a transformation into a teacher. Once our students know that their very presence can change lives, they are ready to teach. We reach this goal by working with our students for a long period of time to help them create their own daily practice until their exuberance begins to spill over and turns into teachings that bring joy and transformation to other people’s lives." - Nikolai Manek, Founder

About Our School

We are one of the largest, most diverse yoga schools in the world with more than 4000 current students in the USA and other nations. Our mission is to create an ongoing curriculum for experienced yogis and new adepts alike that is affordable and up to date. We follow Patanjali’s teachings, as well as believe that yoga is for everyBody, no matter the origin, skin color, creed, occupation, sexual orientation, or financial abilities. Yoga is a matter of the heart and not privilege. If you have a daily sadhana, be humble to accept that yoga is a journey of lifelong teaching and noble enough to share what you have learned, you have what it takes to become a teacher. Yoga is a path of meditation.

Education Services

We provide a vast body of written information as well as video libraries available to our students. As a Yogamu student, you have global and anytime access to our library.