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If you are in India, Indonesia, Colombia or the Philippines, please contact support for our up to 100% scholarships.
If you are in India, Indonesia, Colombia or the Philippines, please contact support for our up to 100% scholarships.
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This program is excellent! I am so happy I joined. Between the self-paced material & the optional live classes, it has far exceeded my expectations. I'm taking the yoga teacher & meditation teacher training & both have been life changing.

Amber Jean via Google

Great program, currently in the Meditation Class (200 Hr) and enjoying it! Learned some of the material in my Psychology class which gives it a familiarity. The course also features substantial philosophy needed to become a Coach/Teacher.

IndigoKnapps via Google

This is an excellent program! The classes are amazing, the information is very easy to absorb especially considering it's at your own pace essentially. Coming from someone that struggles with dyslexia and learning in a typical way this program is everything. The live classes the pre-recorded videos the guided meditations the other literature that we have to read everything is outlined so perfectly step by step, it's just impossible to get lost or confused or be overwhelmed. I'm so happy I signed up, I cannot wait to start the 200 our course and move on to the 300 hour!

Wackadoodle Kids via Google

I’ve practiced meditation and yoga for over 40 years. The pandemic allowed me to opportunity to get certified in Yoga last Year. I wanted to add to my 200 hr Certification and Meditation seemed the Natural way to Go.
I was familiar with the basics from Yoga training and was surprised at the depth of this 100 Hr Meditation Course!
I have Plenty to Fine Tune my Personal Practice as Well as Lead My Own Students to Better Health through Meditation!
Thank You Nikolai 🙏🏾

Tonya Durham via Google

Currently in the 200hr meditation class. Nikolais program has helped me tremendously in my journey! If you’re looking for a program I highly recommend this. The knowledge and insight he shares is exceptional.

Carol Alexander

I've completed the 100 HR MTT course - so much content available! Now I am working through the 200 HR course - again, so much content. The daily live meditations have been so refreshing. If you're interested in teaching or even expanding your own personal knowledge of yoga or meditation, I highly recommend checking out Yogamu. The value far exceeds the cost.

Alyssa Brown-Tomanek

I just signed up for the 100HR Meditation Class yesterday and signed up 2 of friends as a gift to them. Today, was my first LIVE on Zoom where we clear all the Chakras (first time for me) and it was such an amazing and magical experience. Nikolai voice was very soothing and relaxing that it takes you to a deeper meditation practice. The community was great and I am loving it so far! I would recommend you taking this class even if you don't plan to teach (yet), just like me. THANK YOU, YOGAMU!

Kellie Sabas

I found this school through an Instagram ad and started taking the online course to become certified as a meditation teacher. Part of the course includes access to a live guided meditation Mon-Fri on zoom and it is one of the highlights of my day! The community and wisdom is so valuable and I highly recommend Yogamu to anyone looking to become certified in meditation. Thank you Nikolai for creating this school, being genuine and making it so affordable! Forever grateful! :)

Tamisha Arrendell

Amazing people, amazing quality time with Self and together we can change this world!!! I thank you for opening my world up to the limitless possibilities

Susie D via Google

Yogamu is AMAZING! I love the teachers, I love the community, I love the teachings, I love the content, I am so in love with this experience 1,111%!!! If you are debating enrolling in any of their offered programs because you’d like to refresh or expand your practice, understanding, and open doors for yourself, DO IT! Thank you Yogamu! I am forever grateful!

Alicia Hurley

This program has such a big heart, the offerings are very comprehensive. Start your journey on the yogic path, or further your education all the way to 1000 hours and many different styles to choose from!!
Learning at your own pace makes this an ideal place to get that inner knowing you are searching for!! 💗🕉

Dawn Kowalczik

Our Promise

"It is not enough to hold certificate in your hands. Only practice and total immersion leads to a transformation into a teacher. Once our students know that their very presence can change lives, they are ready to teach. We reach this goal by working with our students for a long period of time to help them create their own daily practice until their exuberance begins to spill over and turns into teachings that bring joy and transformation to other people’s lives." - Nikolai Manek, Founder

About Our School

We are one of the largest, most diverse yoga schools in the world with more than 11,000 current students in the USA and other nations. Our mission is to create an ongoing curriculum for experienced yogis and new adepts alike that is affordable and up to date. We follow Patanjali’s teachings, as well as believe that yoga is for everyBody, no matter the origin, skin color, creed, occupation, sexual orientation, or financial abilities. Yoga is a matter of the heart and not privilege. If you have a daily sadhana, be humble to accept that yoga is a journey of lifelong teaching and noble enough to share what you have learned, you have what it takes to become a teacher. Yoga is a path of meditation.

Education Services

We provide a vast body of written information as well as video libraries available to our students. As a Yogamu student, you have global and anytime access to our library.