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Frequently Asked Questions

The Gyta is the Global Yoga Teacher Academy. It is the new name of our school and it comes with a broad range of new courses. Existing customers can upgrade to Gyta Ultimate until the end of January and enjoy an entire year of courses including our 300/500HR certification classes, meditation and more for the price of one class. That is an 80% discount. 

Yes, there will be an option to enroll into single courses. However, this option will always be more expensive than your $199 one time upgrade fee to become a 300HR student. (which makes you automatically a Gyta Ultimate student)

For a few more days the upgrade is $199 for existing 200HR students and $299 for new students. For future students, Gyta classes will be priced separately. There might be an offer like Gyta Ultimate in the future, but it will be priced well above $2000.

Yes! You will be certified as a 500HR teacher which also makes you eligible to register with World Yoga Federation as well as Yoga Alliance. 

Besides our online yoga teacher training for 200HR and 300HR certification (which completes the 500HR certification - A $699 value) you will receive free access to: 

Special classes like Dr.Nardi workshop "Jung on Yoga" (a $499 value)

Meditation 200HR certification (a $299 value)

Meditation 300HR (a $499 value)

Prenatal 80 Certification (a $399 value)

Trauma sensitive yoga (a $299 value)

Career workshops and more than 20 additional courses (see Facebook group) 

Thank you! To sign-up simply follow this link: https://www.yogamu.org/200hr-training/

You will receive an email with all access information for the school platform within a few hours after signing up. 

You now can learn and complete the course at your own pace! Welcome aboard!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. Send an email to: support@yogamu.org

Yes. All content is available to you in recorded form. 

Zoom classes are recorded so there are no requirements to attend at the scheduled times.

Support is one of our main priorities. We have multiple channels you can use to contact us:

We usually answer support questions between 6am and midnight PST.

Our contact form:


Via email:


On Facebook:


On Instagram:


No, a registration is purely optional and not required to teach yoga. The same is true for Bhakti Yogshala's USA Yoga Alliance registration

Yes, all written material as well as all videos are completely in English.

After successfully completing the course and test, you can register your certification with the World Yoga Federation. This registration is completely optional. 


We will walk you through the process once you have passed all required exams. We are a registered 500HR school.