Gyta – Constant Curriculum (200/300/500 HOUR Teacher Training + More free courses)

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The Gyta Constant Curriculum.

This is the ultimate yoga immersion. 1-year membership that includes all material for 200, 300, and 500-hour classes. Enjoy all existing and new courses, 7 days a week live classes in this all-inclusive membership. As you complete the modules completely at your own pace, you will gain the confidence, knowledge, and practice to lead a successful career as a yoga instructor. The Gyta Constant Curriculum or short GCC is the ultimate experience for the seeker of truth or the conscious entrepreneur who would like to bring yoga into the world.


  • 7 days per week live classes to chose from
  • Hundreds of hours of live classes on demand
  • Many specialized classes like Prenatal, Postnatal, Children and other yoga classes
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Teaching Yoga Online – special immersion classes
  • Practice training with fellow students
  • Seva practice
  • And so much more! Be automatically eligible for every new class that is being produced (not including workshops or physical in-person classes)

As you complete your modules you will be 200-hour and later 500-hour certified. (you may also register these designations with Word Yoga Federation)

200 CYS Certified Member Badge - World Yoga Federation500 CYS Certified Member Badge - World Yoga Federation


You will also be able to register with Yoga Alliance. As there is a huge overlap in the Yoga Alliance Yogamu Bhakti Yogshala training and the World Yoga Federation training, we have created a hybrid path that allows certification with both with only little additional training for the Word Yoga Federation path (it now requires some additional knowledge in conducting yoga more safely via online tools like Zoom etc.)