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Meditation Teacher Training - 100 HR Certification

Pay from your heart

Upon completion, you will be certified as a "Certified Meditation Teacher CMT 100"

You will be certified by Yogamu Institute 

Eligible to register with Meditation Alliance International (MAI) as a Certified Meditation Teacher (CMT 100)

Eligible to register with World Yoga Federation (WYF) as a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT 100)

Learn several guided meditations that you can brand for your own clients

Gain a solid foundation in different meditation styles

Learn how to master your own emotional states

Enjoy almost daily live classes (optional)

Learn completely at your own speed (self-paced) through video and text-based lessons.

You will learn how to plan, prepare and conduct meditation sessions for groups and individuals

Donation-based pricing (name your own price)


*** More than 1500 students have already enrolled ***

*** Enjoy our vibrant online student community on Facebook *** 


Your contributions help us to bring meditation also to those that can't afford tuitions. The world needs more mindfulness, thank you for your support!

Find the curriculum here:

This course includes the right to join many optional donations-based live classes. Nobody will ever be turned away for the lack of funds. Enjoy an amazing community!

Course Duration:

100 HR. 


Certificate of completion 


100 HR CMT (Certified Meditation Teacher) with the Meditation Alliance International

100 HR CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher) with the World Yoga Federation

Find the curriculum here: 

What you will learn:

  • Foundations of meditation
  • Personal transformation methods
  • Meditation techniques
  • How to conduct group meditations
  • Yoga & Meditation 
  • Mindfulness meditations
  • How to build your own modules and techniques
  • Philosophical aspects
  • Energy theories
  • How to transform fear and anxiety into love
  • How to observe your emotions in a loving a playful manner
  • And much more


How much does Meditation Alliance International charge for a lifelong registration? 

-  They currently charge $80 for a lifetime registration as a CMT

Do I have to register with Meditation Alliance International?

- No, that is purely optional

Do you offer live classes? 

- Yes, we offer live classes at least 5 days per week. They are all donation-based and optional. Nobody will ever be turned down for a lack of funds. 


Donation-based Pricing:

We know that times are hard and we believe that in times like this, meditation is more important than ever. This is why we ask you to pay according to your abilities. We will use the funds to spread more knowledge about meditation to help as many people as possible to find tranquility in turbulent times. Thank you to all the people who have already booked this course for their very generous donations!

The Daila Lama once said that if every child in school learns to meditate, it would take one generation until all war would be gone. We believe it!



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