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Yogamu Open Campus

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Join the Yogamu Open Campus!

Try it for $1 per month for 1 month (then $19.95, cancel at any time)!


  • Daily multiple live classes
  • Unlimited Yoga and Meditation Classes from our video library 
  • Community Access


    Bring the charm and enchantment of original Indian yoga into your office or living room! Come and join the open campus of one of the largest yoga online schools in the world. Our teachers live and breathe yoga in their daily lives and will provide the depth and profoundness that you are seeking in a good school. 

    Levels: From beginner to advanced

    Simple enroll, receive the school's login information and begin learning and practicing. It is very easy! If you still have questions, our friendly school staff will guide you through the process. Many love to join our Facebook community with more than 4000 current students as well.  

    Come and learn unlimited:

    • Hatha
    • Ashtanga
    • Vinyasa
    • Meditation
    • and much more... 

    7 days per week of yoga, all month long!

    What you will get:

    1. Access to daily live classes with our Indian master teachers

    2. All the recordings in case you can't join 20+ live classes per week

    3. Community access

    4. Access to our Q&A forum where all questions about yoga will be answered by our teacher trainers and expert staff. 


    This offer is for all skill levels. Do you have no experience in yoga? No problem, we got your back. You are an absolute expert and want to still go one step further? We certainly have some classes for you. 

    The idea behind this offer:

    1) Sangha (community)

    A community that has your back from all walks of life. Some might rise out of depression towards exuberance, others might experience a fantastic life. Together with our teachers, they form the sangha. An ancient concept of togetherness in mutual understanding of the goals. You will join an exclusive group of people that want to live an exuberant life.

    2) Satya (Truth)

    Experience talks about ultimate reality. In our dharma talks, we will look at Vedic teachings and talk about your true being. The more you expose yourself to truth, the more a process of re-membering is being triggered that may eventually lead to your awakening. 

    You even have access to videos online that will deepen your understanding. 

    3) Sadhana (Practice)

    Practice is key to success on the spiritual path. Enjoy 7 days per week, all month long, live classes in yoga (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha) by our top teachers from India, meditation and dharma talks.