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Yoga Means Union

Yogamu because yoga is a Sanskrit word and means union. Thus now that you know, the word Yogamu reminds you what yoga means. Yoga means union. As a word directly but also as a concept. This makes Yogamu a very short sutra. The word sutra is the same as suture when your wounds are being stitched up. It connects and makes it complete again. Sutras remind you of larger concepts, they are the seeds that trigger all memories about a topic.

Yogamu is the foundation, the union from which and within all reality unfolds as depicted with our flower of life logo. It shows the variety of man by using the 6 human skin tones of the Fitzpatrick scale. This showing how one nature comes in different colors but it also reaches from the ancient teachings of yoga into today’s problems that fill the news. Thus a return to the source will also be the solution to stabilize everything. That is the story behind the name Yogamu.

Our Philosophy

Our curriculum focuses on the improvement of the human condition. We strive to combine ancient teachings with cutting edge research. Our goal is to raise consciousness by empowering people to become the best version of themselves and get the tools to start a successful career as enabler for a new and more aware world. We are not your typical yoga school.

Yogamu's Principle

Once our students know that their very presence can change lives, they are ready to teach. We reach this goal by working with our students for a long period of time to help them create their own daily practice until their exuberance begins to spill over and turns into teachings that bring joy and transformation to other peoples lives.

Key Of Success

We believe that it is not enough to hold a 200 or 500 hour certificate in your hands or have it registered with some Yoga oriented yellow pages. We believe that only practice and a total immersion into yoga leads to a transformation of the student into a true teacher.

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251 N City Dr, San Marcos, CA 92024 - USA

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